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 Welcome to Thom Robertsons Personal BlogFriday, March 06 2015 @ 12:56 AM PST 
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    Tumbler book review

    RamblingsI just finished reading Tumber, by Brand Gamblin. While I was reading I couldn't put it down, and now that I'm finished, I find I enjoyed it very much.

    Elizabeth Carter sets off to earn her fortune mining the...
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    Out Damned Hollywood!

    RamblingsI just saw a headline: "See How L.A. Noire Does Justice to the Faces of Real TV Stars"

    Really? REAL TV stars? The true gods among us? Oh, be still my inferior medium's heart!! I've NEVER worked on a game that couldn't be made better (or be fixed) by adding REAL TV STARS!!!

    In fact, let's just admit right now that the film/TV medium is the pinnacle of Art, and interactive entertainment is just a tiny boil upon its side. The reason games suck is they don't have the steady hand of Hollywood to guide them, and when a superhuman creator of film deigns to dabble in video game production, only good things can result.

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    the Antikythera Mechanism; In Lego! has a VERY cool video about a video which shows a Lego replica of the Antikythera Mechanism:

    What's the Antikythera Mechanism? Only one of the coolest real-life Ancient Mysteries of the Unknown Strangeness!
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    Understanding Pac-Man Ghost Behavior

    RamblingsHere's an interesting, deep piece about PacMan's Ghost AI (I found it on slashdot).

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    Very nice Artemis press at!

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    Even more good press for Artemis

    RamblingsFrom Metafilter:

    And RockPaperShotgun:
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    More good press

    RamblingsGood article from VG247:

    Mirrored at GBGamer:
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    Great Artemis press from Shacknews

    RamblingsI just sent out another press release, and ShackNews wrote a great blurb about it.

    Thanks, Guys!
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    First Artemis play video!

    RamblingsThis is a YouTube video I've released, showing a group of my friends playing Artemis.

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    Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator

    RamblingsWhen I was 16, I had a vision of a game, where my friends' Commodore64s and mine were networked by wire, and we could play together as a spaceship crew. Just like Star Trek, each player would have a workstation, except for the captain, who would have a big chair in the middle, right in front of the big screen.

    That idea has stayed with me all these years, and suddenly about 4 weeks ago my muse grabbed me by the collar and said, "Make it. Now." So I'm doing so.

    Here's the link!
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    About Thom (Indie)

    Thom Robertson has been an indie developer since he was 13, and from the day he got an IBM BASIC manual from his dad, all he ever wanted to do was create cool computer games. Thom has created and sold almost a dozen shareware computer games, published articles in old game magazines, and created a small but popular MMORPG, Blade Mistress.

    Today he continues his indie business ventures, calls himself a Game Sculptor, and lets his muse drag him around by the nose.

    About Thom (industry)

    Thomas Terrell Robertson is a veteran of the computer games industry, with over 15 years experience, mostly as a programmer. He's written C since '87, and C++ since '92. He also knows (in no particular order) Pascal, Basic, Fortran, LUA, and various ASM.

    He has worked on Sims PS2, All Star Baseball, Harpoon II, Barbie Fashion Designer, Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan's Fury, Guardians: Agents of Justice, and Vampire: the Masquerade. He has worked for Microprose, Interplay, Acclaim, Digital Domain, Three-Sixty Pacific, Edge of Reality, and Adrenalin Entertainment.

    Thom is a master programmer, an excellent game designer, a musician and sound engineer.

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