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 Welcome to Thom Robertsons Personal BlogTuesday, August 04 2015 @ 12:53 PM PDT 
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    We Need Bruce!

    RamblingsThere is a job in the videogame industry. A very important job, that has been critical to some of the greatest games in videogame history. But it has no name. It gets no repect. People don't even imagine it exists.

    I was listening to...
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    Alas the Folly of Man

    RamblingsI've been working on a new game. Here's a DL link to the Windows version.

    Inspired by a certain dinosaur movie, this game...
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    Algorithm: objects moving within graphs

    RamblingsProblem: How do I move objects around in a maze like Pac-man?
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    I made a page on Roguebasin for my 7drl.


    AND on
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    Finished! (with caveats)

    RamblingsHere's the final version of my 2015 7drl:

    It was really a 2drl. I set a very...
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    RamblingsThe basic game works! Now what?

    Good question. As it is, ...
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    First playtester!

    RamblingsI got my wife to sit down and play. Incredibly helpful! In my experience, almost any testing is, so long as you can separate what the individual player thought/did from what players generally do.

    It's also helpful to get perfectly fresh eyes on your game. Maxis developers used to call that a "kleenex test", though I never liked the term.

    The five altars are in and working.
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    RamblingsI've always wanted to participate in the official 7 day rogue-like competition, but something always came up. This year, I'm finally doing it, by promising myself I won't attempt anything challenging. :)

    Right now, I have an idea for a "stealth" game of vampires and werewolves in a dank castle. Stay tuned!

    Oh, and you can follow all the 7DRL projects here:
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    First playable!

    RamblingsHere's a screenshot of the current game state:

    And here's a link to the downloadable ZIP for the game:

    It works as I imagined; move with the arrow keys and toggle between vampire and werewolf modes with SPACE. The close enemies of the opposite type will chase you.

    Don't try to attack; you never win. You must slip past the enemies and reach the exit square.

    There are 10 levels, with different art, and each SHOULD have more monsters than the last.
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    Barely functional

    RamblingsI've got my maze, my avatar, and my enemies.
    The werewolves just sit there, but the vamps chase you if close enough.

    The idea of the game is to switch between looking like a vamp, or looking like a wolf, in order to sneak past all the monsters and reach the exit.
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    About Thom (Indie)

    Thom Robertson has been an indie developer since he was 13, and from the day he got an IBM BASIC manual from his dad, all he ever wanted to do was create cool computer games. Thom has created and sold almost a dozen shareware computer games, published articles in old game magazines, and created a small but popular MMORPG, Blade Mistress.

    Today he continues his indie business ventures, calls himself a Game Sculptor, and lets his muse drag him around by the nose.

    About Thom (industry)

    Thomas Terrell Robertson is a veteran of the computer games industry, with over 15 years experience, mostly as a programmer. He's written C since '87, and C++ since '92. He also knows (in no particular order) Pascal, Basic, Fortran, LUA, and various ASM.

    He has worked on Sims PS2, All Star Baseball, Harpoon II, Barbie Fashion Designer, Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan's Fury, Guardians: Agents of Justice, and Vampire: the Masquerade. He has worked for Microprose, Interplay, Acclaim, Digital Domain, Three-Sixty Pacific, Edge of Reality, and Adrenalin Entertainment.

    Thom is a master programmer, an excellent game designer, a musician and sound engineer.

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