Slouching towards the Godhead

I was just talking (skyping) to DayDream, my art partner who lives in Australia. I mentioned that (for me) it’s forecasted to sleet and snow tomorrow. He was looking out over the pool at a warm summer day. He apologized for sounding like he was gloating, but I didn’t take it that way.

Instead, I felt the internet fusing us into one entity, simultaneously experiencing weather on opposite sides of the globe. The global mind is here, as predicted by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ( ).

I’m not…trying to freak anybody out, but this *thing* we are becoming has been discussed by several of my friends for a while. Everyone knows that the internet is drawing us closer, making it easier to connect and communicate, and making the world "smaller". But everyone needs to be prepared for something more.

We, as individuals and as a species, are changing. Not physically, not obviously, not yet. But we are changing in some fundamental ways, ways that define what sort of species we are. And the physical changes *will* come, make no mistake.

Daniel James is a smart guy, who created the Puzzle Pirates game. A year ago we were talking, and he opined that the Singularity ( ) was only 33 years away. That’s easily within my lifetime, and likely within yours.

Vernor Vinge, in a speech at the Austin Game Conference, also spoke about the Singularity, and pointed out that the evolutionary leap we took above the animals was an amazing adaptability. We could start fires and don clothes to adapt to cold winters at speeds that left other species dazed. He suggested that, when we see profound change happen to humanity, it might again express itself as an ability to adapt that takes a profound leap in speed. If your child starts using a different cellphone in a different way every 6 hours, we might have hit a Singularity.

So again, don’t freak out. But steel yourself. Because something’s going to happen. Something wonderful.……

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