Happy New… Bleack!

What better way to ring in the new year than with a bad cold? Don’t answer with one of the million ways; it was rhetorical. Yes, despite being a good boy and getting my flu shot, I’m laid up, coughing my lungs out and mopping my nose constantly. Plus the hot eyeballs and fever dreams. Bleack!

But despite this temporary setback, I’ve still got big plans for 2008. Most of them are carry-overs from 2007, like work on the games DayDream and I have begun, and efforts to plug into the academic scene here in Ohio.

But I’ve got two new…plans; one is finding a BizDev guy I can work with. I’m talking with some now.

The other is finding fresh-faced unpaid interns to help me amp up my website and my internet sales. Basically this means reaching out to students with a specific offer of an "internship" or "apprenticeship", to both high-school and college students, and see who’s interested.


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