Turn a negative into a positive… with BALLS!

I was traveling this weekend, and while zipping down the road, I spy a billboard for Tom Raper RV Sales. I kid you not.


After further driving, stopping, and discussions with the locals, I found…that Tom Raper RVs, Homes, Trailers, and God knows what else are advertised EVERYWHERE out there, using pretty much every available billboard. He’s even got a street named after him!

Now, I know nothing about Tom Raper. But I know this. On his 18th birthday, he could have gone down to the courthouse, paid $15, and changed his name to Reaper, or Paper, or Smith. Did he?

No. Instead, he built that unfortunate name into a low-cost, high-volume sales empire, and by the looks of it he owns that town now.

Food for thought. 🙂http://www.tomraper.com/

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