Catching up with the tech

I attended Notacon 2008 last weekend. Meeting with the Demo guys made me want to come forward into the 21st century and learn shaders.

But learning shaders means learning DX9 and while I’m at it, I might as well upgrade my compiler and dev environment to Visual C++ 2008.

In doing THAT, I guess I need to…upgrade my ways and means. There’s a lot to learn that I simply haven’t: Design patterns, component/aspect oriented programming, signals/slots, metaprogramming, rapid prototyping languages/environments, behavior trees, screen space ambient occlusion, and the list goes on.

I realized that my previous dev environment, VC++ 6.0, is 10 years old now, so it really IS tech from the last century. 🙂

I’ve often avoided studying complex programming concepts by saying, "I’m a game designer, not a programmer, dangit!" But for some reason that excuse is falling flat with me, and I’m feeling like I’m in a learning mode.