Moving madness

My wife and I are finally moved in to our new place. Well, we live here now, but still have unpacking to do. I’ve been using my PC, and she her DS, ’cause I still haven’t unpacked the game machines. I also have yet to unpack the bedroom electronics (small TV, old Tivo, DVD burner), but we don’t use those every night anyway.

I may have mentioned before that my wife is crazy about Japanese rogue-a-likes, such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Izuna: Unemployed Ninja, Chokobo Mystery Dungeon, etc. This latest Mystery Dungeon has gripped her with a mighty hand; she plays for hours, until she gets a migrane.

I tell her (from years of experience) that the only way past a gaming addiction is… through it. If you’re that wrapped up in a game, focusing on beating it ASAP is the best way to get on with your life. I remember, fondly, being in that state, but all my old friends have heard me whine about how I have a hard time feeling so caught up in a game anymore.

Richard Bartle (in his book "Designing Virtual Worlds") sez that we game development professionals have spent so much time developing games, we’ve sacrificed our ability to be players, and we should just get used to that fact.

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