Gahhh!!! Beginning, cross-platform dev solutions…

I’m mentoring a couple of high school students this summer, so I think it’s important that we find a development environment that we can share (so they can code at home, and I can check their work). One of the boys has a Mac, though, so that’s a complication.

And because of that, I’m not finding a wide variety of solutions.

We’ve looked at BlitzMax, which…
fills our needs excellently. Unfortunately, each license is $80, and the kid’s parents are hemming and hawing about that expense.

I’ve been researching PyGame, too. It’s free and cross-platform, but an examination of the website shows that it’s much more complex to install than BlitzMax was. Plus it doesn’t come with a cool IDE or a debugger (though, with even MORE fiddling, you can get an IDE to work with it).

There are other solutions, each with their own drawbacks and troubles. Nothing is magically easy. I MADE a shared development environment using LUA and DirectX ( ), but it’s not cross-platform.

Well, I guess I’ll keep lookin.

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