I can has talk?

Among my copious and varied qualities, I occasionally speak at developer meetings and conventions. I’ve decided to gather the videos and materials of these presentations here:


I’ve been a big ham my whole life, so… although I’m a standard nerd introvert, I get a lot of positive energy from speaking. It’s fun to prepare, it’s fun to do, and it’s fun to have people in the hall afterwards talking about it with me.

The talk I gave most recently was "How to Make a Game Like Space Invaders". I wanted to target it at beginners, plus I wanted to steer clear of any one particular development solution. But in doing so, I felt I had more to say than could fit in sixty minutes of presentation, so it would up being more of an overview than I’d hoped.

Still, I’m thinking about creating a whole series of these talks, "How to Make a Game Like…", and post them on YouTube. Or at least portions of them.

In past years I also gave presentations at the Austin Game Conference and the Texas Indie Game Conference. I’ll try to add the materials for those to my new website soon.

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