Goings on…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been pretty busy. Either I’m hanging out at Max Gaming Tech, pounding out code on my laptop, or I’m home mentoring Kevin and Wiley.

Max Gaming is giving me…something I haven’t had for a long time; a place to work with peers. As many garage developers know, it can be lonely. One of the best things about a day job is getting to work with, talk with, go to lunch with, and bounce ideas off of other people. A lone developer doesn’t get any of that, and I’ve often missed it (loudly).

So I really appreciate Adrian and Tim letting me come over and use their power and internet.

I use my crappy Acer $400 laptop when I’m there. It’s still a functional machine for development work, and it’s not too powerful (intel graphics chip), so it’s a good low-end benchmark for my games. Still, before I got the laptop, I wasn’t sure that a laptop would be anything but a dust collector and a doorstop. Now, between using it as a remote dev machine, and having it to demo my latest stuff to people, it’s clear that it WAS a good investment. Mebbe someday I’ll have big money to spend on a better one.

Kevin and Wiley are sharp guys. I’m really pleased with how quickly they seem to be picking up the concepts I’m teaching. Kevin has a Mac at home, so aside from ansi C, we have yet to settle on a cross-platform dev environment that he can afford (free, really).

Last time Kevin and I sat down on MY dev environment and pounded out a lunar lander game in about 2 hours. Good fun, and he seemed to really get it. I’m looking forward to our next session.

The last Cleveland Game Meetup was fun. Seven people, just lots of talking about games and what the big companies are doing. At the end, I offered to present another in my series of "How to Make a Game Like…" talks. This seemed to go over well, so I’m planning for it.