Class prep is HARD!

I get to start teaching two classes in the spring, really just a week away. I’ve got a lot of work done prepping these classes, but they are 15-week classes, and there’s still so much to do! 🙁

My wife has been through it all before, so her sympathy is leavened with a healthy dose of Ha-now-you-know-what-it’s-like. I’m hoping things will calm down and I can work on more important things when school actually starts.

The Great GHX Sing-Along Contest

You probably know that I created a software music app (called GHX) that uses the Guitar Hero controller. You probably also know that it lives at

What you may NOT know is that my good friend George has a new weekly video show called "Fat Man & Circuit Girl", which is profoundly cool. Seriously. You need to bring your A game when you see it, or Jeri and George are likely to crush you with their geekitude and joy. Surf (if you dare) to

What you NEED to know is that there’s a contest, featuring all of the above, and you can win a Bluetooth Chicken. The deal is called…The Great GHX Sing-Along. Win Jeri’s Bluetooth Chicken by playing "Still Alive" on the GHX!!

Oh, did I mention Jonathan Coulton ( )? Here’s your chance to actually out-nerd him by playing one of his songs on an instrument that he can’t play…YET.*

You’ll need:

* A Guitar Hero or Rockband controller for XBOX
* A mic or webcam
* A copy of the GHX software ( The free demo version will work fine.
* The chart that the Fat Man has prepared for you (click below.)

Record your rending, er, rendition of Still Alive in either video or audio and send it to us before Jeri posts her version

Send to: TheFatManAndCircuitGirl @ (remove the spaces!)

Please Do Not Be Fearful. We’re not looking for "musical talent." Play the tune in a way that entertains us, or that’s fun for you. This is a safe place to stretch your limits and be goofy. If anybody laughs at you in any but a loving way, know this: That person’s stock will go down in our eyes, and yours will go up.

And hey, you might just be The Talented Winner. Remember, if George can win a trophy at a demo party, you can win a trophy for a musical performance.