Class Update

This semester, I teach 3 (now 4) students on Monday and Wednesday. We’re in our 4th week now, and I couldn’t be happier.

My students are smart, they do the work, and they listen attentively to me. What more could a teacher ask?

I just got a new student, who…Still hasn’t gotten his book yet, but he will, and then he’ll have some catching up to do. Books were difficult for all of them, and we’re also dealing with some technical issues.

First, the book on 3D level design uses the free version of UnrealEd. The book comes with lots of labs, and lots of pre-made bridges and bots to use with them. But UnrealEd has some DRM, which dis-allows use of pre-made stuff in the free editor, IF the stuff was made with a purchased copy of the editor. And more than half of the book’s extra content has that problem. Grrr.

Second, my class on advanced game programming with engines is using a C# XNA book. Not the best fit in the world, but I was assured that my students were really only trained on C# (turns out, not true). Still, I’m teaching about the production pathway and the different broad types of data that make up a game, and week 7 will be about loading, displaying, and animating boned and rigged characters. But the book (and the basic XNA release) doesn’t have code to do that. So I’ve got to bring in an open-source solution. Not un-doable, just another wrinkle that I didn’t plan on at the beginning.

Don’t let me whine, though. It’s going great.

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