Ah loves me sum giant monsters!

To know me is to know of my love of cheesy giant monster movies, like Godzilla. So it shouldn’t surprise you that (over the years) I’ve dug up some real "gems", like Monster X, a terrible 70’s monster movie starring a silver space chicken.

There’s a new sequel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrdxdSPyX_w

I want to see it, of course. And I’m…a well-heeled consumer; I’d happily pay to see it right now. But, as usual, the old ways prevent me. "Guilala!-Monster X Strikes Back" got a theater release in Japan in dec. 2008, so soon it should be on DVD, and thus for sale by importers. There’s some talk that Media Blasters optioned it for release in the USA, for what that’s worth.

But this is the 21st century. Only old thinking keeps me from paying $5 and downloading the movie straight to my Tivo or PC. I could easily bittorrent such movies, and then the film’s producers would get nothing. Instead they insist on packing the data up onto a silver disk, sticking it in a box, and asking $29.95 from me (when they bother at all). Why so much? Because it costs lots of money to make the disc, box, and paper, and put it on the shelf of every video store. Send it to me digitally, for $5, and they make the same amount of profit!

Old thinking.

You know, Daniel James told me 3 years ago that the Singularity was only 32 years away. I fear that (if he’s right) we’ll hit the Singularity with a ton of old thinking in tow, and be squished between them.

Bizarrely, there’s a USA TV ad for a website called The Ladders, which features the monster Guilala prominently. My wife did some googling, and found that it doesn’t mean anything, just that the ad agency really likes giant monsters too.

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