A syzygy of game development!

I’m privileged to be part of a mailing list maintained by the admins of Project Horseshoe ( http://www.projecthorseshoe.com/ ). To it I posted a question about the right way to teach game design and development to novices in the 21st century.

The replies came quickly; they were all…very thoughtful and thought-provoking. They were also all different. This led me to modelling the situation in my head:

We are all comets whipping around the twin stars of computers and creativity, executing highly elliptical (and individual) orbits. When we get together (in person or in e-mail exchanges) it’s a sudden and temporary syzygy; we quickly babble at each other, before whipping away again into our remote orbits, striving for a lonely apogee.

I don’t know that it has to be this way. I DO know that since we are all striving for apogee, we have little time or patience for matching orbits or even pausing. But even this small amount of communication time is valuable. Thank you, Linda, Teresa, and George.

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