7DRL 2016 day two

I feel I made good progress on day one.  I’ve got a tactical game working, I’ve got game art in and looking good.

I spent a lot of time on mapgen, and I’m not completely happy with the results, but good enough for now.

My immediate plans are to get some meaningful items into the game, so I can start seeing what progression looks like.  Then I want to start on the strategic game, but I’m of two minds.  My vision coming into this compo was of a series of menus (just menus) that would lead you toward the tactical game.  You’d click on a button that read “Weak distress signal in gamma epsilon 3”, then click on “fly straight towards it”, etc, until you saw a message that showed you info about the ship/dungeon, and asked if you wanted to board.

But the great art I’ve licensed from http://oryxdesignlab.com/ includes neat planets and suns, and I’ve always been comfy with spaceships and associated GUIs, so a few days before the compo started I was considering a more graphical expression; driving a spaceship around on a 2d map.  I think I’m gonna try it this way instead of the menu thing, but still keep it very abstract.

Also, the second line of figures in the spritesheet I’m using is of what appears to be a black woman.  I like it.  I think I’ll use her as the baked-in protagonist of the game. 🙂