7DRL 2016 day four

Day 3 was mostly about the weapons. That artwork I’m using (licenced from oryxdesignlabs.com) has a bunch of little people holding a bunch of different weapons, so of course I wanted to use them.  I built a weapon table that looks like:


Then I had to build a monster table, to name the units and define them, both functionally and graphically.


Looking at the (10!) different weapon types, I decided that they represented 4 different types of damage (adding armor complexity to the game).  These are Kinetic, Piercing, Energy, and Fire.  This turned out to be fiddly but straightforward to implement.

I finished the day working furiously to get visual and behavioral code working for all 10 weapon types. I built three derived classes of ActionUnit::.

ActionUnitMelee handles an attack with fists, knives, swords, and staffs.

ActionUnitRanged handles pistols, rifles, rockets and bolters.

ActionUnitScatter handles shotguns and flamers.

My plan today is to start by reviewing these three classes, and make sure they all work right.

Then I need to think about an implement several ideas I have:

  • friendly ships and spacestations, with friendly units aboard
  • ammo for weapons, which would lead to
  • money pickups, and
  • ammo and item shops (mostly on stations)
  • different types of mission/ship maps
  • a “scanner” that would tell you more about the mission before you decide to attempt it
  • a change to the map gen, so your small ship “docks” with the mission map
  • and finally re-visiting mission map gen

Let’s see how far I get!

I asked my wife to play at noon.  She played for 10 minutes, and I got lots of good feedback on what was clear and what was confusing, plus several bugs I hadn’t yet noticed.  That kind of testing, even from a family member, is always useful!