7DRL 2016 day five

I spent Wednesday (day 4) grinding out lots of features.  Got in friendly units, and the code that lets you interact with them without killing them or you.  I got stations in the game.  I got your little ship “docking” with the map, so you start from a position of (relative) safety, and can retreat there and leave the map.

Around noon I got sidetracked.  I learned about Minimum Span Trees, so (realizing that the algorithm could help my map gen, and how building a generic one could be very useful for a long time) I wrote one.  Here’s me testing my new MinSpanTree.cpp class.


I then turned around and applied it to my existing map gen, which made a significant difference for the better.

Loads of things to do today, but I THINK the things I need to focus on are:

  1. getting shops into the stations, and getting the associated economy working
  2. making the dungeons/ships more differentiated, in terms of size, shape, and what’s going on inside them.