7DRL 2016 day six

Yesterday was a lot of work, but it was all over the place and unfocused.  I don’t think I did any work I had to throw away, but now that the game is working, I don’t really have a big vision I’m working towards anymore.

I made some changes based on how I felt about it at the moment.  First, I jumped in the bath to think, and then added rings, which give very temporary buffs.  Later, I changed the 20-hp health potion into a set of potions, with a range of values, plus a perma-HP-buff one (which I added, but have yet to find in the game yet).

Here in Day 6, I’m staring down the end of the 7-day process, but I already feel kinda finished.  I know I haven’t gotten close to winning the game myself, and there’s still no actual win/die screen working, and no final dungeon or boss.

Yesterday I asked Mike S. to make me some flavor text, and he has!  So I’ll be getting that into the game.

So I guess I gotta get those things in. 🙂