7DRL 2016 day seven

Finished, generally.

I had fun yesterday adding sound FX.  It’s fiddly but enjoyable work.

I also spent a bit of time adding “cosmetic” changes to my map gen.  But overall I feel my map gen is the most shaky and poorly coded aspect of my week’s work.

I technically started last Sunday at noon, so I have until tomorrow at noon, but I just don’t feel the pressure to use all that time.  And that kinda disappoints me.  Last year, I only really spent two days on my 7drl, so I promised myself I’d be more ambitious this year.  I was, but apparently not enough.

But I’ve been invited to bring my game to a friend’s big party this afternoon.  I’m hoping I can get a couple hours of testing done there, then come back home and fix bugs and address problems, before releasing the game tonight.

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